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Your kids don’t have to be your excuse, make them your motivation. Can you please help me show some love to this hard working momma of 2 who has lost almost THIRTY pounds!
As much as I love sharing my own progress and how hard I work for what I have, the ONE thing I love way more is sharing others progress and their hard work and dedication- I LOVE seeing my people succeed.
I met this amazing girl in December 2015 when she decided to try my free 5 day clean eating and exercise accountability group- she killed it and lost 6.6 lbs and decided she was NOT done yet and started the 21 day fix and shakeology with me in my December Bikini Bootcamp. She since that first round has completed many rounds and lost 20.3 lbs doing this consistently and INSANE inches: 17.5!! In total since Kara and I have been working together she’s lost 28.1 lbs.. Mind blowing. And we did it the RIGHT way dialing her nutrition and exercise.
While her progress is amazing, our journey has been REAL. She’s a mother to two active boys and we were literally texting daily for accountability and I would get messages like “Just got done PiYo during nap time!” And anytime that she fell off track, she never stayed down, she would message me and say “Chels, I fell off, but I’m starting again TOMORROW!” And she always did.
The reason I say my people, is we get it. We understand this is a journey and you don’t lose 30 lbs in a week. It takes consistency, patience and hard work. It takes falling, and getting back up- because you will never fail, until you walk away and give up on yourself, and she gets it. I tell her often, but she thanks me all the time for my help, and support- yet she has no idea how much she inspires me. And I’m sure she’s inspired you now too- way to go Kara! I am SO proud of you girl!
Summer Bold Bootcamp is opening again and if you want to join us in this journey simply
📩OR Drop your email in the comments
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By chelsummers4

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