Motivation from foreverjobless

As soon as you consider yourself a success, you risk stopping your growth. Don’t get complacent with where you are. If you do, the success you currently have becomes temporary. You’ll either get passed by from competitors in your space, or you’ll lose your edge in terms of skills and mentality.
The swagger that got you the success you have- you can’t lose that. You need to think two steps ahead of what others are doing if you want continued success and growth, and if you start spending too much time congratulating yourself you WILL lose your edge, and the rewards that come with having that edge.
Whether you consider yourself a success for what you’ve accomplished so far, and what you’ll accomplish today is all relative. Be proud of what you’ve done and the hustle you get in today, but before you go to bed understand there is an opportunity to do even better tomorrow, and that planning how to make that happen the night before guarantees continued success.
Every night before I go to bed I plan my next day, and my priority goal is the first thing on the schedule each morning. I highly suggest you do the same- it will help give you a competitive edge against anyone with a similar goal.
They won’t be preparing for success the same way you will. That’s where your swagger should come from- continued growth, not spending too much time congratulating yourself on current achievements.
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By foreverjobless

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